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Nov 14, 2009


Aleksandar Todorović
I think is one of my fav designers\artists right now....
more for his work, Its his points of view that caught me from the start. The way he thinks gives his designs mucho more power than it already visually has. Below I posted his biography so you have an idea of what I'm talking about and a few of his works with briefs comments from him. ENJOY!

"I speak Serbian (mother tongue), German (fluently), English (fluently), French (fluently) and Dutch (basics). I’m diligent, cooperative and sufficient in Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. I’m not interested in today’s art and today’s design. I don’t think galleries or museums are of any significance anymore and I don’t get what is so great about New York or any other famous spot. I don’t spend money on art books or art magazines and I don’t have design posters on my wall. I don’t think lectures or exhibitions are very exciting or informative and I don’t think I’d enjoy any of them without alcohol. Basically, I’m bored of any conventional point of view. I only pay attention if there is a striking challenge to rupture it, mercilessly. Anything else just doesn’t make fun! Yours faithfully, AT."

Bright Stereotypes

In Summer 2004, the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban came to Cologne to give a lecture about his famous emergency accommodations in disaster areas, which are made out of paper tubes. Later on I had an interview with him, which is documented in the first issue of Rakete magazine, a students’ publication, designed at the Fh Düsseldorf.

This is the visual outcome:
a poster based on Japanese stereotypes — bright neon colors, lightning, monsters and threatened Japanese. At that point I was affected by trendy, superficial and hyped styles which were state of the art at that time. Fortunately, soon after that, I found enlightment.

451 Fahrenheit

I guess everybody knows the story of Fahrenheit 451: a hedonistic and anti-intellectual society opposes books, the symbol for the source of knowledge and enlightenment. Referring to the plot, me and my great colleague extraordinaire Aline Weyel redesigned the book and its chauvinistic ideas. We reversed the text, inverted the letters and printed everything on crude orange paper to hamper the reading. The cover shows a bone, bait for the hounds which are chasing the much hated folks who still own books.

The project was initiated by graphic designer Radim Peško as part of a collaborative project made at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2008.

Here is one of The sections of his site explaining his points of view...
No works, just a paragraph of his thoughts:


Idea art, concept art, minimal art, classical art, applied art, meaning of art, changing of art, sense of art, consequence of art, freedom of art, state-of-the-art, Museum of Modern Art, art theory, art academy, art master, art gallery, art director, art book, artificial. So many art forms and none of them helped me to understand art. During my end exam year I tried to dig into the art theory and art history of the late 20th century, just to understand why we are where we are. Conclusion: Keep your hands off! There’s no absurd timewasting activity like this!

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