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Aug 26, 2009


Maybe if I wish hard enough for this publication, it will magically appear in my hands.

Pink Laser Beam is the 6th Compendium of the experimental online periodical and/or containing over 180 pages of paper (and plastic) featuring new works from in and around the internet which unfold in time and space.

The title Pink Laser Beam is a reference to the moment of exegesis in Philip K. Dick's final novel "Valis" where a beam of pink light, after travelling to earth across the cosmos, suddenly and without warning enters the narrator's brain. The compendium attempts to present activities and artworks which have the potential to circumnavigate our traditional modes of perception.

Artist multiples/extras included with each compendium:
DIY "OMG" obelisk by aids-3d / Custom 3d-vision glasses for Evolution of 3-space by Donnachie, Simionato & Son / a cardboard picture-disc for My Cat is an Alien soundtrack / DIY hex-sticker by the Center for Tactical Magic / three playing cards / star-map by Grant Willing / a complete (yet invisible) book by J.G. Ballard as served by the Amazon Noir project

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