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Aug 5, 2009

I'll read it if I like it, I'll won't if I don't.

Every blogger has a tendency to go offline for a few days, reasons can go on from internet problems to just needing some shut eye. This last few days I've been out in the sun and consequently having a bit of a rough finger when posting... yes 3-4 days without posting... shame on me... ARE WE DEAD YET?

Still I'm writing as a follow note to Susie's own words words words that have been also a response to other bloggers talking about this matter. As I first said when I started this blog, it's my memory materialized in posts, so I won't ever forget if amnesia strikes me someday, and it HAS come in pretty handy. Still... fuck rules, let's have FUN FUN FUN , no matter if a post has 1000 words or 3...

Ill leave you with Susie's conserns for those who are in the same train of though:

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't" has been running through my head for a while now ever since I received an email pointing out quite rightly so that I seem to be writing less on the blog. More specifically, volume of words is at an all time low. Then today, on KOS's blog, a commentor makes a, dare I say, slightly cynical comment about how a certain jacket from Luxirare is able to prompt lengthly paragraphs. So, now it's not just a question of length but where the length is being applied that is being scrutinised.

Firstly, to address length. I considered shutting the blog a few times in the past year because my full time job at Dazed has been taking up the bulk of my time and I'd like to devote as much time to it as possible because it's something that I'm driven by and want to succeed. I've developed email-checking-frenzies that haven't induced the best personal life. I haven't taken a wi-fi free, phone-free proper holiday since I've started. The ludicrous notion of taking on an intern for the blog actually ridiculously crossed my mind because I've been so tired (of course that thought left me... what the fuck would a blog intern do???). So, in terms of posts, it has become more instinctive for me to post in a stream of consciousness...mind babble...short and fast. Not strictly ideal, but enough to keep the blog going, a goal that I keep my teeth gnawing into whenever I close my eyes and the remote thought of the blog shutting down flashes in my head.

Then to address length and where it's applied. Even though I am pretty good at spouting out text that waffles on and on. Sometimes, I just don't have a huge amount to say on something but feel it's worth putting out there as imagery, information, a link etc. Sometimes, I go completely hyperbolic when I've touched/worn/experienced something that I can describe at length even if nobody else will get what I'm saying because I physically can't stop my fingers from typing. Writing about what I experience in person is as important as extolling over the things I can only get web images of and pragmatically speaking, length of text does correspond to the seeing/feeling factor.

This might all be babble to those that have the sane attitude of "It's your blog, I don't really give a toss how you run it... I'll read it if I like it, I'll won't if I don't..." But given that I have OCD tendencies, things like this eat away at my brain and I can be more at ease if I just explain myself.

See? There you go... a waffle-filled post on something that has been consuming me that where my hands just went into auto-type mode.

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