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May 2, 2010

gimme gimme candy

Worlds of candy, cotton clouds and lollipop headpieces. I want to be inside one of those paintings!!!!
Will cotton's "smoothly painted close-ups of gleaming, melting piles of color-coordinated candies and sweets are savvy and clueless at the same time". Such style can be seen as a 80's setup photography and early 90's installation art.

"Beyond the sugar and dream girls, Cotton's art contains serious substance. His painting technique is timeless, but the content and its impact are centered on today as his images speak of unsatisfied yearnings, neglect and misdirected desires within cotemporary culture. A Cotton portrait has the feel of illustrations for the famous Depression-era ditty, “Big Rock Candy Mountain." Yet, while his images look like a hobo's fever dream born from sensual deprivation, Cotton paints in an era of plenty. And he paints for an era in which delights like candy can come in endless quantities but with sweetness poisoned by gluttony and guilt. Instead of portraying lovers in mid-tryst, he paints solitary fashion models, whose aloofness often reflects self-obsession, porn fixations, and masturbation."(dailybeast)

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