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May 8, 2010


Coachella had many pieces that lighted up at night and were awesome. One of the most impressive was Cubatron:

Created by Mark Lotter, the Cubatron is “a 3D LED light sculpture. It consists of 5 Modular Cubatron arranged in a rectangle 8×40 feet wide and 13 ft high. Each Modular Cubatron is made up of 1000 lights within an 8×8x8ft open aluminum frame. They sit on top of a 5ft high steel pipe platform. People can view from any direction or crawl underneath.” Each light is individually controllable by computer to any color and brightness level. (Thanks to Mr. Lotter for that explanation!) Needless to say, the Cubatron is visually stunning, and also a ton of fun for festival-goers to explore. I love it because it’s beautiful and interactive, and allows you to create a peaceful, reflective moment in your otherwise jam-packed, hectic day spent bouncing from concert to concert. And, of course, the Cubatron couldn’t exist without the wonderful technology of LED lights. Because of their lightweight and energy-efficient nature, Lotter was able to use LEDs to put together a sculpture that is relatively easy to set up and store, and doesn’t use a lot of power, all of which Coachella appreciates, I’m sure. If you get a chance to go to Coachella this year, be sure to keep an eye out for the Cubatron…you’ll be glad you did!(elementalled)
The only difference this year, was that you couldn't crawl underneath the gigantic ball of lights. It had a fence and people were sitting around the piece. It would have been awesome to actually lay down beneath those lights. Hope next year they'll get rid of the fence!.

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