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Mar 9, 2009


Ever since i started this blog I've wanted to do a nameplate on the SUPA KiD design. After some search the CBT's Closet came in and swooped my bare neck to the rescue. Cbt's has some really great stuff. They do all laser cut acrylic jewelry, either custom made or you can choose from many options on the site. One of my favorites, is a BIG diamond shaped necklace.

When the package arrived, I was in AWE to actually see the name plate in my haaanddss! I got more excited when a hot pink fluorescent extra SUPA KiD came alongside the original in the box! WHAAAAAAAAT!?! ...yes... I'm really greatfull to have not one, but TWO nameplates that I've wanted for quite some time. You can follow CBT's on twitter or go to the blog to find out more.

Another one of this will be in my future :D

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