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Mar 3, 2009

frams frames frames

im really liking this:
"kolkoz is a french art collective consisting of samuel boutruche and benjamin moreau. the two artists
both live and work in paris under the kolkoz moniker. they create art in a diverse range of mediums
that spans from video to sculpture and installation. one of their recent series turns the idea of framing
art on its head. while the luxurious gold frame is a common sight in most museums around the world,
kolkoz has created sculptural forms using just the frame. these works consists of multiple frame’s
within a frame. ornate gold borders are assembled together in an escher-like optical illusion with no
image at all. kolkoz’s next exhibit ‘la collection americaine’ will be shown at new york’s armory
show from march 4–8, 2009, featuring works form this series."


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