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Aug 29, 2008

Year of videos

I'm making a recap on videos i would have posted if i've had this blog a year ago, I'll pretend I allready did. These vids can't go unseen...

I love him

The art of noise- Moments in Love

lovely MIA


Any MGMT vid

Reebok dance

Creep animation


Eklesiast, i just love this guys

Tribute to Jam Master Jay

Miss Sedgwick - The Ciao Manhattan Tapes

Phoebes songs

Sofia on confessions

La Mala, badass spanish raper chick

f*ck me pumps

it brakes me every time i listen to this

The list could go ooooooooooooon,
but as you can see I got carried away,
I think I would put my entire youtube list here.

.....of course i won't......


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