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Aug 29, 2008

no one cares

pic from google

"HELL NO" you might add.
"ANOTHER BLOG????"you might think.
Well "Fuck it" I'll say.

I started a blog about 2 yrs ago, and thanks to my lazy ass, never got around to get through 5 posts. Well whatevs, the main reason
to do this again is due to my chronic boredness, which can go from my muse to a real bitch in nothing and when my mind is left alone it can be a real fucker to. So I'm gonna keep busy by writing and posting here about anything and everything that interests me. I'll give you a warning, I have a clear skill to "Spanglish" and tend to think in both languages, alternating( can i say that?) them both so i can talk and type faster. Not always to my advantage, sometimes ppl get really confused. I'll start a sentence in spanish and finish it in english. I will do my best to keep this all in english. Correct me on anything, ill try to google words when i feel a writing disaster on its way.

The final reasons to this blogs reincarnation is my hyperness *tngo-hormigas-en-el-culo. I'll try to sit for more than an hour and post, and what comes to me more easily is forgetting everything after a minute. So let's hope I can keep this memory record up to date.

Right now cake is calling, so I'm gonna eat the little bastard.

*"tengo hormigas en el culo"= I have ants up my ass, a spanish fraze to say that i can't stay still