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Jul 31, 2012


 I took on an experiment with bleach with a jean jacket I found at a local thrift store, Electroshock. I have never bleached anything and although this seemed like a really simple thing to do, I was kinda nervous 'cause sense my sister meassed up a pair of her jeans. Of course we learn from mistakes and all my research was not in vain. After a day and a half of bleach, lots of water, lots of washing the results were perfect! Just what I expected! The next process is to dye this jacket into a bright fuchsia. Right now I'm so happy with the bleach that I think I'm gonna wear it like this for a while.



Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! Could you share the process?

SUPA KiD!!! said...

i didint really do much. I just left in a bucket of bleach with LOTS of water for about 2 days and it bleached perfectly!