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Aug 14, 2012

La Pandilla


This look was taken in front of a wall that carries the mural of a local duo called La Padilla. I've always admired they're intricate and elaborate work and what they do is so big! Here's a link that talks about this mural and It's process. You can find out more about them in their website or follow their blog.

A quick story on this look is that the shirt used to be a dress. I never wore the dress, so one day I decided to chop it off!!! Now I have a skirt and a shirt that I love to wear! Unfortunately, don't have pictures of the dress before cutting it, it was a spur of the moment thing and I forgot to stop to take pics. 


                          Shirt: Reconstructed vintage | Skirt: Ebay | Shorts: Mink Pink | Socks: Gap | Creepers: Ebay


Anni said...

Love how you wore that sheer purple skirt over the shorts so you could see the dot pattern peeking through. Btw that thrifted shirt is awesome! It's pastel and sports inspired which is such a unique combo.

SUPA KiD!!! said...

@anni Actually just added a bit of the story behind the shirt to the post! It used to be a vintage dress until I chopped it off one day. :) thank you for looking around :D