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Aug 19, 2011


Continuing yesterdays post, I've always has ideas to make embroidery and I've seen in a few sites with this link to a wonderful pdf book calledA Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers by Elsie Svennas. Maybe I can figure out how to make a few letters.

"A real treat for stitchers and lovers of lettering! From the inside cover flap: "The Author has set out in this book with three distinct aims. Firstly to write a concise history of Lettering, tracing the development from the simplest markings to the elaborate and decorative monogram. Secondly, to give an an illustrated dictionary of all stitches that are suitable for carrying out any lettering. Finally to display in an illustrated section the great variety of lettering designs suitable for various stitches using every letter of the alphabet as examples."

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