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Mar 4, 2011


As you may have read in my last post, I've been playing around for quite a while with the idea of an "official" website. I've looked at many portfolio hosting sites and tried them out for a while, but never making up my mind to where should I exhibit my work. So, for now( you can see the connection to the domain there) will be where most of my work is, the same go for the tumblr and blog. On the main page is the recent post on my tumblr ( you'll see a link that lets you follow me), which would be the recent post on my blog, because i've got my blog redirecting the posts to tumblr as images. Still you can click any post and you get redirected to my blog. Its a loop really. It may sound complicated, but its really simple. As for the, I couldn't get around to dividing the word (supa-kid) so my friends suggested to add a now, sense the sites will have something happening always and the domain is until I can get my hands on the

so for now, check out my portfolio at


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