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Mar 1, 2011

.com .co .watever

SO.... for a few months... or a year... I've been toying with the idea of getting a .com....
The only thing keeping me from doing it is that is already taken. (Damn them all!!!) I'm looking at my options and figuring out what to do. The site that has the domain I want expires on september, but it seemes sooooooo farrrrrrrrrrrr awaaaay in time. I want it now :P...

So my options are this:
i wanted it without the - , but it HAS a .com :\

it has the complete name how i like it, but there is something missing
... oh yeah... the m in coM.

It's a debate between esthetics and .... ok its just that... It's purely for the eyes.
If anybody reads this blog, what do you say?
Give in to the - and brake the word in half
or stop the bs and use the .co?

decisions decision....

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