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Feb 7, 2011


I reeeeallly want to share this link with you guys...

You know I'm not a fan of whoring the blog for ads....but.... I'm gonna make an exception for THIS site.

PLNDR is an amazing site, an extention of karmaloop but with greater, BIGGER savings and cheaper shipping.

The thing is that you get lots of freebies. For example for your first purchase you get $15 cupon from the company, just to have made that first purchase. They also have great brands for really great prices(MttM, Local Celebity, Claws, Luxurie, Insight..etc...). I know I sound like a informercial or a tv BUYBUY BUY kinda thing, but sense i've had the pleasure of testing the site I personally can say it works...

Sing up here, and test it yourself.

Some of the stuff they have on sale right now

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