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Jun 1, 2010


I didn't do the gorillaz post yet. Guess I got into other stuff and forgot about this. Still the Gorillaz at Coachella had everybody with mixed feeling. People were happy cause they got to see the band play, we saw Damon and members from the clash and played great. Unfortunately, because of the volcano many of the artists that were meant to play couldn't make it. This really wasn't what bothered me, and aside from the Bobby Womack/stylo "metia de pata", this band was created with a concept, an animated band that has a story line. I didn't like the fact that with plastic beach they've been ignoring the original concept. The whole Murdoc back-up-band-excuse through twitter has gotten old. I hope that at some point there is a twist, that we'll say: Now I get it!!!... Yes, they are great musicians, but you just don't ignore the concept that your band was originally made on. GOrillaz, BRING IT...I still love you. Below I leave you with pictures and videos I took at Coachella.

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