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Jun 23, 2010


Ever since I can remember I've had different instruments that my parents bought me as a kid and through the years collected some growing up. Always interested in piano,a few nice keyboards have gone though my hands. Of course being a kid, I used everything up to it's full extent. So most of them didn't survive. Recently with my sister starting to take piano classes and a DJ friend who was teaching me to use ableton, my interest in keyboards and other music toys woke up again.

The last 2 purchases were a yamaha pss-130 and a contcertmate 200. The thing is that both of them are in their factory state. I want to experiment with these keyboards so maybe I could add some synths and bent them. Still I'm no engineer, maybe I'll find someone who'll help me. Below some videos of the same keyboards but altered in the most amazing way.

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