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Mar 24, 2010

You have mail...

Today I got a very interesting inbox. The people from Streetlab send me info on what they're doing right now. Going through the mail they send me, they've produced a lot of stuff, from remixes for music by Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Castles, Hearts Revolution, to TV shows like HBO's 'Entourage', MTV's 'The City', and 'CSI: NYC'.
"Streetlab is an electro-rock music duo from NYC formed in late 2001 by Mark 'Cosmo' Lamorg and Ryan Leary. Taking the role as in-studio producers and songwriters, the two began by remixing classic rock songs with the dance-floor in mind. Being raised on the music scenes of the early 90's, the two attempt to erase boundaries - making music that appeals to both rockers and dancers."
If anyone is at NYC I suggest you take a peek at a show they'll be at.

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