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Mar 18, 2010

Too much music?

Too many bands maybe?

Like my man friend says to me:

Thanks to the technology we have available, It's easier to look up bands and even create
music without a multi-billion dollar budget. The amount of bands that are accessible today
are so many, that we can't really make count. The line up at Coachella is already filled up
with so much variety, that between 3 friends, we each chose a day to look for the best songs
on those bands to share with each other, so we'll be aware of whose playing and therefore
enjoy everything we hear at the festival.

The following article on the
AV CLUB is an excellent example of how accessible making
or acquiring music is. The same happens now in design, but that's a whole other post.

Don't stay only on the article, the beauty of the AV Club are the comments and the
discussions that take place.

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