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Jul 31, 2009

Mirah song

With my eyes mostly closed like a person who knows how to drown
I'll squint at the sun and my shoulders will pray for the ground
Let's throw something over, imagine it's us falling down
And thinking of death we will watch without making a sound

But it's just the way you are you don't have to be afraid
The way you look at the stars and how you think that they were made

The motion will never stop turning the night into the day
You've gone away enough when will you decide to stay

My trouble with everything always is nothing's just right
Just to figure out nothing could keep you awake half the night

Not to know what you want is a terrible thing you should fight.
You just suffer for the face of the dark while you wait for the light

Jul 26, 2009


Diamond Designs is a creative group of a friend of mine who is now living in Spain.
He and a friend teamed up to create this design collective. Check there blog here.
Who doesn't love a decapitated kitty!??! :D


Oh Darling



Today this chain of clothing retailers opened In one of the biggest malls of Puerto Rico.
Women all over, going mad by the quantity of clothes and size of the store (which was
actually a bit overwhelming). Still, What do you say when a very known name comes to
your country? Do you run with your visa in hand or bitch 'cause everybody will be sporting
a uniform from now on?. I wasn't as excited as my sister who just kept gasping and ooooing,
with Forever21 following the steps in a cheaper tackier way of an H&M or ASOS. I don't even
know why am I dedicating a whole post on this, and venting about details such as fabric, price
and look (better yet, I won't). All this big franchises want, is a bit of our ever sweaty cash.
Placing a store here is a kind of a smart move, since puerto ricans are very well spenders.
We've adopt any type of Walmart, Costco type of store they throw at us and glorify them. RIP to
all the little local stores. Here people never miss a black Friday sale, even if there drowning in debt
...y a y e c o n o m y... Did you catch that sarcasm tone?....

But being as this is one of the first really well known internet stores that is now physically
available in our island, you can read the compulsive extasis in every status on eeeeveryyyy
networking site.

Jul 20, 2009


I don't want to say this creeps me out, cause I really like the clothes
but... It still does. Check the complete shoot

Jul 19, 2009

"a few of my favorite things"

ohhhhhhhhhh dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I swear, Fabbienne Morel read my mind and saw my dreams cause she created brokenfab.
Beautiful geometric triangle patterns, that if I had the money they would
go on my neck TODAY.

Brokenfab is a unique, high-standard fashion label specialisng in textile design and hand-beaded jewellery. Brokenfab tries to cross the boundaries of conventional textile designing and beadwork by putting it in a social context.

To Brokenfab fashion is an important part of personal style and thus identity in modern culture. That’s why Brokenfab let herself be inspired by the music, club culture, people and todays urban landscape and interpret it in textile design, accessories, fashion and artwork.

Since 2006 Brokenfab designs prints for Londoner fashion label Ashish, showing at London Fashion Week. She currently works on a collaboration with DJ Sassy J. They will have an exhibition this autumn. More to come soon.

Jul 16, 2009



A combination of lines and triangles: YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A bit of info from Mark's site:

Mark Warren Jacques born December 30th 1984, Mount Carmel hospital, Columbus Ohio.
-age 7: traced a picture of Bart Simpson and presented it to friends misleading
them to believe it had been drawn freehand, impressed, they demanded he
make them all one for their personal
collections. He did and thus began his career as a creative.
-age 10-16: graffiti, skateboarding
-age 17: Columbus College of Art and Design
-age 18: Took study under painter John Piper, where he really learned some things
about art and what it means to be alive.
-age 20: Portland.
-Currently: making things everyday, running an art space with his buddies,
running a little publishing company, running, trying to get away from using
the computer so much & being in love.

from booooooooooooooom

Jul 15, 2009


I don't know why I hoarded this post so much, well maybe because It's been
already in every fashion/design blog. I've been uuuuuuing and awwwwing at
Chau Har Lee's (Winner of the Collection of the year ITS8 accesories) experimental
and very original take on shoes. I was really blown away by her designs. If I had
money, her creations would go into my non-existent (for now) shoe collection.

What impressed me most were the use of materials, it makes the shoe even
more beautiful. How the design complements, not only the material, but she
didn't take anything away from the functionality of the shoe... of course, in
some of this heels or non heels it may take a bit of practice... but this are
really just for show and tell. To make an exhibit room ONLY for this shoes.

Source: Sonny

Jul 14, 2009

Don't bitch here

I wasn't in the mood for posting today. But found this link that reminded me
why the internet is the best thing for PMS...