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Jul 26, 2009


Today this chain of clothing retailers opened In one of the biggest malls of Puerto Rico.
Women all over, going mad by the quantity of clothes and size of the store (which was
actually a bit overwhelming). Still, What do you say when a very known name comes to
your country? Do you run with your visa in hand or bitch 'cause everybody will be sporting
a uniform from now on?. I wasn't as excited as my sister who just kept gasping and ooooing,
with Forever21 following the steps in a cheaper tackier way of an H&M or ASOS. I don't even
know why am I dedicating a whole post on this, and venting about details such as fabric, price
and look (better yet, I won't). All this big franchises want, is a bit of our ever sweaty cash.
Placing a store here is a kind of a smart move, since puerto ricans are very well spenders.
We've adopt any type of Walmart, Costco type of store they throw at us and glorify them. RIP to
all the little local stores. Here people never miss a black Friday sale, even if there drowning in debt
...y a y e c o n o m y... Did you catch that sarcasm tone?....

But being as this is one of the first really well known internet stores that is now physically
available in our island, you can read the compulsive extasis in every status on eeeeveryyyy
networking site.

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