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Jul 19, 2009

"a few of my favorite things"

ohhhhhhhhhh dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I swear, Fabbienne Morel read my mind and saw my dreams cause she created brokenfab.
Beautiful geometric triangle patterns, that if I had the money they would
go on my neck TODAY.

Brokenfab is a unique, high-standard fashion label specialisng in textile design and hand-beaded jewellery. Brokenfab tries to cross the boundaries of conventional textile designing and beadwork by putting it in a social context.

To Brokenfab fashion is an important part of personal style and thus identity in modern culture. That’s why Brokenfab let herself be inspired by the music, club culture, people and todays urban landscape and interpret it in textile design, accessories, fashion and artwork.

Since 2006 Brokenfab designs prints for Londoner fashion label Ashish, showing at London Fashion Week. She currently works on a collaboration with DJ Sassy J. They will have an exhibition this autumn. More to come soon.

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