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Dec 4, 2009

I am neurotic

I found this excellent site a few months ago... ok, about a Year ago, and never hesitated to post it. Guess I was somewhere in that very severe state of mind at that time. I'm better now, don't worry. Chek it out.

maybe you should lick

When I see smooth or soft things, I get a strong urge to rub them on my lower lip. Freshly buffed nails, my dog’s ears, silk shirts, the back side of a cd, laminated book covers, the list goes on. I think that my lower lip is a better judge of softness/smoothness than my fingers.

reuniting lovers

When ever I start a new loaf of bread, I can never eat the first piece. I must save it until I reach the other side of the slices so that the two end pieces can be together. I feel as though they should spend their last moments together.

button brushing

when changing the channels on my T.V. i have to touch every other button so they do not feel left out. or if my hand relaxes and i accidently touch a few i have to make the amount of times ive touched all buttons equal.

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