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Jan 1, 2009

As a friend

I'm kinda lost today on what to write about, but sence everybody's been celebrating new years guess i'll start off with that. I don't really know if to call this year a bad or a good one. I guess that labeling something as either bad or good is conforming to todays standard of living. I have never really given much thought to said matter, to MY standards it had its really shitty-i-want-to-die moments and some others that i'll never forget. But i just dont want to generalize the WHOLE year into one thing. Im just greatefull of wht i got.

I finally saw the dark night and really thought the joker was going to be more on the movie sence they really sell you his image for the movie. It's still a good movie. Not knowing what more to say other than louging all day in my house quess i'll give thanks to anyone who reads this, like i said in my fist post, this is my memory record.


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