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Dec 7, 2008

pins pins pins

Following the Warhol post, in June I graduated from EAP and decided to make my bff/bloody twin/and all that apply, some custom made pins of Warhol and his work. To make the story short, we are both pretty much obsessed with his work, persona and everything that revolves around it.

My friend is a bit more obsessed than me, that's why i came up with the thought
of the gift, along side some sneakers(another obsession we share, but that's another
post). With the help of Adlin, she made the pins for the pieces I picked of Andy's work.
My BFF was so static, that like a kid, he pinned himself up at the graduation ceremony.

YUP, I love his unusual ways.

I made myself a copy of the pins too...of course...

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