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Dec 3, 2008


I have to apologize for the lack of posts. I'ts a bit hard after 8 straight hours of being stuck in an office looking at another computer to come to my baby here and scramble my brain. Still long overdue, Jeremiah's work is a delicately intricate labyrinths and lines that make his paintings horrible beauties. I found an interview lounging in my laptop (I DON'T take boredness for granted anymore), that talked with the artist about his work:

what medium do you like to work in, are you experimenting? what's your fav and why?

mediums are usually whatever i can get my hands on: pens, pencils, markers, water colors, acrylic/ oil paints, wood stains, rust. i make a lot of my own inks from dead pens and markers, either xylene based or rubbing alcohol based. my favorite medium over the last year ha
s been inks and water colors on paper. i like the instant gratification i get from these. they allow me to keep up with myself to the point of acting more as a channel. i also just enjoy watching things seep into paper, some drawings look better on the backside as they bleed through.

what is in the future for you? shows? prints? collabs? why don't you have a website? is there one in the future?

i have a few upcoming shows...n
ext month in milan at a place called the flat, michael bevilacqua and massimo carasi are the curators for this. i'm not sure who all is in the show, aside from a few...dan trocchio, michael bevilacqua, scott campbell, bruce richards, and wendell gladstone. this will take place jan. 15.

in may i go to denver for a solo show hosted by andenken gallery who found me through paper monster and faile.

ummm, i have a show in mexico city and right here in bushwick, ny., this spring but am unsure of the dates and the names of the venues

basically, i show where ever i'm invited to unless i dont like the peoples who are asking. i have been making pictures for about 17 years but i have never sought out art shows. that's why i have no website, portfolio, etc. the natural flow of things have been pulling me in desirable directions and i don't want to tamper too much w/ that. maybe i would make a website if i knew how, but i'm not sure.

what did you do for faile? i love those guys. how was it working for/with them? how did it happen?

they went to my show at saved tattoo (scott campbell). i spent three months at saved before it opened painting the pillars inside. pat mcneal liked the way they were done and commissioned me to paint a big wood box for his new son, denim. they were great to work for, they made me keys to there studio and never complained that each night i was there i would drink their whole case of tiger beer. after awhile i think they started filling it back up just for me. they are also great supporters of many upcoming artists.

i should also mention that scott campbell is solely responsible for pulling me out of the woods of whidbey island and putting me in new york to show my pictures, he is the reason anyone out here in new york has ever heard of me. and now faile as well. i also want to mention, these are extraordinary peoples who first started showing my work back in 99.

what artists are you watching right now?

dave schubert (photographer/fine printer/ ), dan trocchio (painter/poet/genius), marty anderson(drawer/ exceptional music of OKAY, poet), wes lang (sick drawings), scott campbell (extraordinary in many respects a walking piece of art), chris johansen ( painter who is free), and the butter lady of s.f. ( roams around with lipstick on her cheeks and butter in her hair, amazing self portraits and rantings on index cards).

can you tell me a little bit about how you sell your work...i hear you set up a suitcase, is this true?

no i don't set up a suitcase, for a 6 month run my wife and son went on tour in her band sleeping people. with no responsibility and very little money i decided to see how long i could go on house sitting gigs and couch surfing. so i carried my studio on my back. day time i would draw in the hall of this cafe, and at night i had bars i liked because the bartenders would trade me drinks for napkins and or place mats. there were a of couple restaurants that would trade my bill for a place mat. i had never been in public making my pictures before and loved meeting interesting and very kind peoples. i had never been very social up until that point. anyhow the suitcase...people started wanting to know what was inside and i would show them, sometimes i would sell stuff in a restaurant or bar to a stranger, believe it or not at a fair price as well. when i was doing a commission for faile, i went out to smoke a cigarette and had left my backpack open...when i came back inside all of my drawings were up on a table and people asked to purchase a few. ...and later asked for more.

now i have a home, i still have a backpack full of drawings but the suitcase now is seldom necessary.



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