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Nov 10, 2008

Matrioska Invaders

Ok, the source for this post was in Portuguese? i think... so, I think I can translate the
general idea of what there saying. Matrioska Invaders is a publicity spot of de Gianfranco
Gaioni, best known as Director Kobayahi. Who has worked and lived in 3 different locations
(Londres, Milan and Dusseldorf), part of his inspiration comes from Japan, from a culture
of animation. Born in 1976, he always seemed to have an appetite for the world of images,
specially digital. He is passionate about photography , film, animation and graphic design.
And the next thing I understood from the article is that the song is Paper Planes from our
lovely M.I.A.

This would have been easier to translate in spanish, Enjoy the vid!

Smirnoff Black - Matrioska Invaders - SPEC from Director Kobayashi on Vimeo.

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