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Nov 1, 2010


I was blooooooown awaaaaaay by this ring. I've been looking for a while for a ring that would wrap the finger as a whole, but the only options out there make you look like a goth wannabe. As I was looking through some pretty amazing jackets by Di$count, scrolling down the page appears this amazing finger ring. A heavenly dream. Beautifully made and wearable. There are only 50 of them. It does make me sad that I can't afford this, sense there pretty much overpriced bout a $200US a ring, it's too much too much cash pressure for my finger. Although Im not proud of this I reeeeeeeally hope someone will at least make cheap knock offs, so people with a budget can wear them. If you have the cash flow, then get it here.

1 comment:

Steven rice said...

la peor sortija ever