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Oct 26, 2010


Noticed any lack of posting? Yup... This post will pretty much sums it up.
For the last month i was involved in a project that consisted of 9 designers getting a local brand and making an interpretation of it. It's suppose to be adv. oriented and you guys know how i feel about that. Still went in a more artsy way. Making myself free from the pressures of advertising. The piece consits of 6 illustration giving a message on how to recycle and reuse plastic bags, eventually for people to convert into the traditional fabric bag getting rid of the plastic. The line of bags that I was assigned was CONCALMA. Eventually everything came together in a installation called: " Llevame con calma, que voy de prisa".Below a few pictures of the project and the installation will be there until December. Go take a look at El Arsenal de la Puntilla!

"Design is honest. Advertising is lying." GB

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