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Jul 18, 2010


As you know anything with lines and lights make me gaga (not the lady whore) so when reading though Patternity It's pretty hard to ignore what their up to. Their community project, celebrating the mundane and the magnificent is far from insane, I's brilliant. Yes, almost everything that includes the elements described above, I'll usually over react in full awe. Below is the projects explanation, which is called "A TAPESTRY OF DALSTO". Que difruten...


Bringing together a cross-section of handpicked, Dalston-based creatives, we briefed each to conceive & produce a pattern-based piece, taking inspiration from the many historical & cultural influences that the area encompasses.
The artists were asked to consider the patterns & textures that surround them daily ‘from the mundane to the magnificent’& use them to develop original one-off works. Displayed together these pieces represent a tapestry of the area – from day into night – by its resident creatives.

“Our aim with A TAPESTRY OF DALSTON is to showcase, through the medium of pattern, the creative talent that abounds in Hackney, giving those individuals the cultural melting pot of their home neighborhood as inspiration. As with all our work at Patternity, we encourage people to seek out, appreciate & enjoy pattern everywhere – then use this to bring about something original & exciting” Anna Murray // Patternity


The basement & street level lighting up & down the Kingsland Road was also a significant source of inspiration for the lighting of the exhibition for the private view. From dawn to dusk, the illumination & pattern of activity changes by the hour, as with the gallery. Seasonal variations play their part: sunshine or cloud gives way to UV lighting as the day fades.
Each work is set in its own time-frame. The pieces produced take on a new presence under the lighting so synonymous with the area. The end result; a tapestry of pattern & light, inspired by Dalson & created by those who live their lives there.

12 Months a year in Dalston
12 Dalston based creatives
12 Everyday starting points
12 Magnificent patterned outcomes

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