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Apr 23, 2010

Laurie Hogin

Lately I've been looking more into things that involve animals. Don't worry as I won't take any bestiality of any form, but apparently my subconscious has been making me a biology freak. My drawings lately have been about some kind of animal ( imaginary or real), so I guess it's not strange to say that Laurie Hogin's work has caught my attention with her odd combination of animals of brilliant colors.
"Her images, including the fact of their being paintings, the painterly style, as well as the composition, color, and narrative, are meant to simultaneously evoke visual strategies from the history of European portraiture, Dutch still life, and contemporary advertising. They are all sets; variations on a theme that vary in color, pattern, accessories, emotional states, or the orientation of the monkey. This is a reiteration of the current marketing trend to present the consumer with a taxonomy of product, suited to the specific moods or minutely differing preferences of the brand-loyal consumer. "

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