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May 24, 2009

Indie Rock Fest

The festival that took place in aguadilla, was an expected event here in Puerto Rico, that's the impression I got from the people on facebook. The festival had local ( Polbo, Davila666, etc) and international bands( Los Fabulosos Cadillacs ) being part of the event. I just wanted to see Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Polbo. Below, pics from the event.

Few of my friends

Almost a mosh pit


th e e fff

I don't really know who is this band, but what I'm paying close detail to the animation.

t imes 2

This magazine spread just blew me away. The simplicity of this images turnes around with a twist, if what I believe could be double exposure on photography makes me want to kick my digital cam and gp crazy in a dark room with a analog one. My family used to have one years ago, but obvously ever sence the whoring digital age, not so much today. Still this photographs just quiver the heart.

Keep Candles Handy: Alana Zimmer in i-D May 2009

Editorial: Keep Candles Handy
Magazine: I-D Magazine
Issue: May 2009
Model: Alana Zimmer
Photographer: Vanina Sorrenti



4 days have passed and I haven't posted even one day...
I'm very ashamed of myself. Work has been hell, and this weekend was packed with
my sisters prom and graduation, and a roadtrip. Today I'm returning to my bloging duties.
I have never gone 5 days without blogging.

I feel guilty :(:(:(

May 17, 2009

Can't get enough of them

In this economically depressing times we always need movements of people that bring joy and optimism to our lives. I know I may be reaaaaallllyyyyyyy late on posting this but it's never too late!!!. Moymoypalapaboy & roadfill just made me pee my panti from lughing. Roadfil has always been my fav, THE FACE!!!!... Enjoy 'em all

This weekend=FAIL

The week was pretty shitty, and to top it off weekend sucked. I didn't go to the places I intended to go, thanks to some PMS friends. One of the events I missed was Hello, again's AWF (Artist Wrestling Federation)
Championship Tournament Round 3. The idea of the AWF Tournament is for local artist 'del patio' to have a live feud until the one of them wins the finale. The theme is about 'los luchadores', so the artist make up there own gimmick of themselves. The prize is a $1.000 money prize and the chance to do a collab with Hello Again Clothing.